Winchelsea Green Garden Awards 2024

Welcome to the Winchelsea Green Garden Awards, a celebration of nature-friendly gardening methods, designs and thinking.

Ever-increasing environmental challenges mean that it is more important than ever to recognise and promote sustainable practices in all aspects of our lives, including in our gardens and open spaces.

The Winchelsea Green Garden Awards aim to highlight and celebrate gardeners who are making a positive impact on the local environment by using eco-friendly processes and practices in their gardens. Whether it’s planting native ‘pollinator friendly’ flowers and trees, composting garden waste, or conserving water, every effort counts in creating a more sustainable future for the town’s wildlife.

By recognising and celebrating  these efforts, we hope to inspire more people  to adopt nature-friendly gardening and make a positive impact on the natural environment. You can read more about how it works.

Please use this application form to join us in celebrating the beauty and sustainability of green gardens.

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