How it works

The Green Garden Awards are framed as a competition, however the ‘big idea’ is to create a network of local gardeners who put the well-being of wildlife and the health of the environment above other gardening considerations.

  1. Gardeners apply to join the award scheme by filling out the application form.
  2. The Organising Committee put each garden into a group with three or four other gardens called a ‘quartet’.
  3. In September 2023, gardeners arrange to visit the other gardens in their quartet. During the visit they discuss, advise and help their fellow gardeners with ideas, suggestions and practical support.
  4. Next Spring, towards the end of April 2024, there is a second round of quartet visits. This time the gardeners use the scoring matrix to assess each garden. The quartet, as a group, discuss each garden and allocates points to each garden for nine environmental criteria.
  5. Score sheets must be submitted to the Organising Committee on or before the 30th April.
  6. The Organising Committee collects the scores, ranks all the gardens and visits the five gardens with the highest overall score. The committee also visit gardens that have scored particularly highly in a particular criteria. Anecdotal feedback from the quartets is also collected.
  7. Following the adjudication visits the Organising Committee adjusts and balances scores to ensure a fair and equitable final result.
  8. The top three gardens and five highly commended gardens, as well as other award winners are announced at a prize giving event in the form of a garden party in May 2024.